1.5 billion People in inadequate housing
UNITY WELFARE FOUNDATION believes that a decent house is the pathway to eradicate poverty. A stable home brings prosperity and opportunity in the life.

The United Nations estimated that 10 million people worldwide die each year from conditions related to substandard housing.

Many people in this world live in slums and shanty houses. A substantial amount of people has no house at all. 1/5 of all mankind has no roof on their head.

Our aim is to build the houses for the needy and poor people. In this way they will be able to get out of poverty and generate income to support their family members.

Although, it does not diminish the problem completely, but we believe it is a way forward to eradicate poverty.

With your help we have built so many houses in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Some of the houses are mentioned below:

How you can help
One house in Bangladesh: £
At least 6 members can live.
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